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Official International Transcripts

Photo of Students, Fall 2016

An official transcript lists the grades or marks for all courses taken while studying at an educational institution. Please contact us for more information on how to submit an official transcript from your country.

For most countries, secondary or high school transcripts should be sent to us in a sealed envelope from your secondary or high school; or sent to us from the Ministry of Education, with their official stamp on the document and across the seal of the envelope. If you have taken examinations outside your secondary or high school, such as Ordinary and/or Advanced Levels, or the International Baccalaureate, results must be sent to us directly by the examination board or testing agency.

Official transcripts are required from all post-secondary institutions (colleges, universities, training schools) you have attended. The institution’s transcript must be in a sealed envelope, with the institution’s official stamp across the seal of the envelope. Attested copies will only be accepted if the copy is attested by the university’s registrar or examination office. The university’s stamp should be on both the attested copy and across the seal of the envelope. Attestations by individual professors, officials at affiliated colleges, or external notary publics will not be accepted.

All documents must be issued in English, or accompanied by an official, literal English translation. If you are sending us an official English translation, you must also include the official transcript in its original language.

Once transcripts and certificates have been received by Boise State University, we are unable to return them.

University Transcripts from India

Please send all individual mark sheets for each semester or year issued by the university you attended. All documents must be certified by the university you attended (either the Registrar’s Office or the Controller of Exams), and placed in a sealed envelope, with the university’s stamp across the seal of the envelope. Consolidated mark sheets cannot be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact the International Admissions Office.

University Transcripts from Russia

Please have all documents certified by apostille through the authorized body of education of the Russian Federation in your region.  To view contact information for the authorized body in your region, please see here. 

Please contact us in advance of mailing any documents. 

University Transcripts From China – for Undergraduate Applicants

In order for your university transcript requirement to be complete transcripts must be sent directly to Boise State University by one of the Ministry-authorized verification offices listed below. If you have a degree certificate, your degree certificate must also be verified through one of these offices. Each office provides different services. Please contact each for more information. Please note that we cannot return any documents that are submitted to us. 

University Transcripts From China – for Graduate Applicants

Boise State University requires that all Chinese university transcripts and degree certificates are verified. Since this can be time-consuming, Boise State University will provide a preliminary admission recommendation for Graduate College applicants based on official transcripts* without verification. Verification documents must be submitted before official final admission, class registration and student visa paperwork can be provided. Please submit verification documents to Boise State University prior to priority dates to allow sufficient time to process your student visa (if applicable). Verified documents must be sent directly to Boise State University by one of the Ministry-authorized verification offices listed below. Please note that we cannot return any documents that are sent to us.

(*) All transcripts must be sent in the sealed, official envelope of the university attended. Transcripts must be issued in English or must be accompanied by a word-for-word English translation completed by an official translation company. Please also submit certified copies of any degree and graduation certificates received. [/toggle]