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Stephanie Cox

Field Trips

The USAC program arranged for the French Romantic Arts class to take two field trips of our own.  The first was to the little resort town of Aix-les-Bains on the shores of the Lac du Bourget, which is the largest … (Read More) Field Trips

“I am dead!”

Last weekend, the entire USAC program went to Avignon for the first weekend of its annual theater festival.  It was so fun to wander the tangled streets of the old town while performers and playwrights tried to convince people to … (Read More) “I am dead!”

An Afternoon at Aix-les-Bains

Oh lake! silent rocks! shaded grottoes! dark forest! You whom time can spare or even rejuvinate, Preserve, noble nature, preserve from this night At least the memory! Alphonse de Lamartine The class I am taking — French Romantic Arts, taught … (Read More) An Afternoon at Aix-les-Bains

Observations of Kindness

During a time when so much of the news cycle is about awful things, I’d like to write about my observations of small acts of kindness while I’ve been in France.  I know these take place everywhere, but being in … (Read More) Observations of Kindness

Exploring Annecy

We spent the weekend in the charming town of Annecy in the Savoie region of the country. If you watched the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, this might be familiar.  There were no signs of winter however, as the temperatures … (Read More) Exploring Annecy

The Resistance

Today after class, we visited The Center for the History of the Resistance and Deportation, which is just around the corner from campus.  It is housed in the building once used for the military’s medical college and then commandeered by … (Read More) The Resistance

Burgundian Countryside

Last weekend, we rented a car and explored Burgundy.  This area, so famous for its vineyards, is full of charming medieval towns and villages.  We rented an airbnb on the third floor of a 16th century house on the island … (Read More) Burgundian Countryside

Down to business

And now for the “study” part of Study Abroad.  Classes began Tuesday. I am taking French Romantic Arts and Basic French Conversation.  Both are invigorating and challenging. Let me just say that it has been so fun to be in … (Read More) Down to business

Walking Tour of Vieux Lyon

On our first morning in Lyon, the USAC staff arranged a walking tour (both French & English) of Vieux (Old) Lyon. This was a lovely way to be introduced to the history of the city.  We covered a lot of … (Read More) Walking Tour of Vieux Lyon


A week from today I will arrive in Lyon to spend 4 weeks studying at the Universitie and enjoying the region.  I’ve been so busy with summer classes and other plans that this trip has hardly seemed real.  But I … (Read More) Anticipation