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Monica Hubbard

Some Reflections

What did I learn in the five weeks as a USAC FIDA? As a seasoned veteran to life I didn’t think it was possible to learn something new. I was wrong and in fact came away with more than imagined. … (Read More) Some Reflections

Arrividerci Viterbo

Is the title of this post cheesy? The answer is yes, yes it is. But what else can I call my last post in Italy? Allora……all good things must come to an end. And by good things I mean my … (Read More) Arrividerci Viterbo

Leaving the walls

For the person who accidentally read one of my earlier blogs you already know a little about Viterbo. It is a walled city and inside the walls one can spend countless hours wandering around, eating, shopping and soaking in the … (Read More) Leaving the walls

Southern Italy Tour Final Grade: 30 con Lode (aka: A+)

This last weekend the Viterbo USAC students (including myself) went to southern Italy.  It was a whirlwind tour. We started at 6:30am sharp from Porta Roma (one of the main ports into the walled portion of Viterbo). Fortunately for me, … (Read More) Southern Italy Tour Final Grade: 30 con Lode (aka: A+)

Wine Tour for Class? Yes please.

While here I’m taking a Sociology of Food course, which is taught by Professor Amy Blackstone from the University of Maine.  Part of this course included a winery tour.  The lengths I won’t go through for the sake of learning … (Read More) Wine Tour for Class? Yes please.

Learning Sure Tastes Good

I’m a student again. And I have to admit, being a student is kind of fun.  While in Viterbo I am taking three classes – Sociology of Food, Italian Cuisine Introductory Aperitivo, and Introduction to Italian (aka – Italian survival).  … (Read More) Learning Sure Tastes Good

Field trip to Mani in Terra, and the towns of Assisi and Perugia

Busy week.  Thursday the Sociology of Food class was treated to a trip to an Italian farm called Mani in Terra, which roughly translates to “Hands in the Ground.” This particular farm produces a variety of items, but sells homemade … (Read More) Field trip to Mani in Terra, and the towns of Assisi and Perugia

Yes! Another festival! And another Festival?!

If anyone read one of my previous blogs they might remember a discussion about the Slow Food Festival which took place upon my arrival in Viterbo.  It seems festivals are a way of life in Viterbo. It wasn’t more than … (Read More) Yes! Another festival! And another Festival?!

Tour of Viterbo

I had my first class – Introduction to Italian – and come to find out Italian is difficult to learn. About three hundred years ago I studied Spanish. This has both hurt and helped with the Italian.  I understand the … (Read More) Tour of Viterbo


After a few days of personal travel, I made it to Viterbo where I met the USAC directors, visiting students and faculty.  One thing to note is how refreshing it is to observe students who are traveling abroad for the … (Read More) Viterbo