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Meghan Holton

Cultural Differences

Ok, now that I am wrapping up my time in Thailand (currently sitting in the Chiang Mai airport), I thought it would be fun to do a comparison of Thai and American culture. I learned a lot in my Thai … (Read More) Cultural Differences

My final days in Thailand

I officially leave Thailand tomorrow and I am in denial. I cannot believe how fast these 5 weeks have gone! I have made the most of my final week in Thailand and have tried to take advantage of every opportunity … (Read More) My final days in Thailand

What I’m going to miss

As I prepare to head home in 4 days (soooo bittersweet), I’ve been reflecting a lot on this experience. I have been so fortunate to experience so much in the last 5 weeks and I thought I would share a … (Read More) What I’m going to miss

Chiang Rai day trip

I finished up my last class and final presentation on Friday, so now I have a week of exploring to do before we have our final USAC trip next Thursday! I decided to do a full day tour of Chiang … (Read More) Chiang Rai day trip

Temple Runner

This week I have been finishing my final class projects/assignments and continuing to explore Chiang Mai before I jet off to some other Thai cities this weekend. My class visited the Warorot market this week, which is a local market … (Read More) Temple Runner

A weekend in Chiang Mai

This was my first (and last) free weekend in Chiang Mai, so I wanted to take advantage of as much as possible! I didn’t have my Thai Society and Culture class on Friday, so several of my friends and I … (Read More) A weekend in Chiang Mai

Tak Bat and Top Chef

This week has been a busy one with classes. I have been learning a ton in my Thai Society and Culture course about Thai traditions, culture, and how to interact. One of the most interesting components to Thai society is … (Read More) Tak Bat and Top Chef

Trekking in Northern Thailand

This weekend I had the opportunity to opt into a 3-day, 25 mile trekking tour through the Northern Thailand mountains. It was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life! The USAC program offers this trekking trip during … (Read More) Trekking in Northern Thailand

Back in the classroom

I’ve officially completed my first week in the classroom as a Chiang Mai University student. I haven’t been in the classroom for over three years now since completing my M.Ed, so it has been fun to be a student again. … (Read More) Back in the classroom

Exploring Chiang Mai

I can’t believe I’ve only been in Chiang Mai for less than a week! It feels like I have been able to see so much already thanks to the USAC program. We have explored multiple temples, night markets, museums, etc. … (Read More) Exploring Chiang Mai