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Cheryl Oestreicher

Agur, Euskal Herria

On my last night in the Basque Country, I reflected on the past five weeks. It has been an amazing adventure which I will always treasure. I set out to learn about Basque history, culture, and language, and what I … (Read More) Agur, Euskal Herria


Traveling to a foreign country means exploring new foods as well as new culture surrounding food. Food and experiences are very important in the Basque Country. People care both about quality of food, and it is often the center of … (Read More) Food


The beautiful terrain in the Basque Country allows for a variety of outdoor activities, whether surfing, hanging out at the beach, walking around various towns, or hiking. I spent a lot of time walking around various places, but went on … (Read More) Hiking

Summer Solstice

Before the Basque Country was Christianized, the people followed many pagan traditions. Some of these centuries old practices still exist today. One major event that combines both the pagan and religious rituals is celebrating San Juan’s night, which coincides with … (Read More) Summer Solstice


One of the great things about San Sebastian is how easy it is to explore other areas of the Basque Country. I took a trip to northern Basque Country, specifically Bayonne, France. Bayonne is a lovely town and proud of … (Read More) Bayonne


In planning for this trip, prior to leaving I was lucky enough to meet Imanol Galdos Irazabal (thanks to Dr. John Bieter). He works for Donistia Kultura (San Sebastian city cultural department). Knowing local people means seeing things off the … (Read More) Liburutegia

What is the Basque Country?

As I’ve learned in class, there are many different perspectives and definitions of what constitutes the Basque Country. I had an inkling of this previously, but it’s difficult to understand without visiting. As an American, my initial understanding was that … (Read More) What is the Basque Country?


As library liaison to Basque Studies, I’ve been exposed to the language through our book collections and hearing it spoken. A primary purpose for participating in the FIDA program was to take a class to learn about the language. The … (Read More) Languages

Arriving in Donostia-San Sebastian

I arrived in Donostia-San Sebastian (Donostia is Basque, San Sebastian is Spanish) on a Sunday. It was cloudy, but easy to see the beauty of the city. The first few days were a whirlwind, as it was orientation, moving into … (Read More) Arriving in Donostia-San Sebastian