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San Ramon: Small and Beautiful

I arrived in San Ramon by bus on Friday 31 May. I had a little trouble knowing which bus stop to get off at, but a very kind Tico helped me get to my host family safely. My host mom is very kind and patient with my incredibly limited Spanish. She makes delicious food for me each day, including natural teas from herbs she grows in her garden. Sunday, 2 June, we had orientation. I am so impressed by the students, staff, and professors who are part of the USAC program. I went for a walk with one of the professors and found live music in the park along with cotton candy and churros, some of my favorites! Music in the Park San Ramon is a small, but bustling city. I love seeing the graffiti on the walls all throughout the city.

The streets of San Ramon

I started classes on Monday 3 June. I am taking Elementary Spanish with only one other student, so I get to ask lots of questions (although I have to ask them in Spanish). I am also taking a cooking class. We made the traditional Gallo Pinto dish. It is a delicious dish of rice and beans. I get to eat it each day for breakfast and love it!


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