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Arrividerci Viterbo

Is the title of this post cheesy? The answer is yes, yes it is. But what else can I call my last post in Italy?

Allora……all good things must come to an end. And by good things I mean my time as a FIDA with the Viterbo USAC, not my blogs. I doubt anyone will be sad to see those come to an end.

Va bene, during the last week I found myself trying to visit the spots I come to love. These included the meat and cheese shop Il Nostrano, Edan Fruits (they sell fruit), Pasticceria Garibaldi (they sell pastries), the gelateria Un Sacco Buono, Catina Dei Papi  (yummy food), and Mat – where I saw some great live music. Please keep in mind all the shops and restaurants in Viterbo are terrific, these are just the ones that were near me, had people I enjoyed talking to, and amazing foods.

Eden Fruits. Great place to get fruit, veggies, cooked goods, and the people are super helpful and nice.

This pasticceria is one reason I will need to do some clothes shopping. So good!

Catina dei Papi. Another reason for the need to shop for clothes.


Learned how to make and cut fresh homemade pasta.

I also attended my last classes. In the Italian cooking class we were “in” Tuscany and learned a few dishes, including how to make fresh homemade pasta. In Italian language class I learned I am not fluent in Italian, but know enough to order food! And finally, the sociology of food course I guest lectured on the cultural comparison of the use and labeling of GM foods between the U.S. and Italy.





The last week had two going away and end of the session events.  The first was a pizza dinner at Il Molino hosted by the USAC students.  It was bitter-sweet as Il Molino was the spot we all first met and ate.  Funny how the vibe and banter changed from the first to our last dinner; from strangers getting to know each other to friends.

The students organized a dinner for the whole group.

The students provided a surprise in the form of an “award” ceremony. The students and four “adults” –  Francesca and Luisa from USAC, Visiting Professor Dr. Blackstone, and myself – all received an award in the form of a title.

My title or should I say titles?  “Most likely to say what others are thinking” and “most relatable professor to ever exist.”

Thank you students, I am honored!

The award in the form of a title presented by the USAC students.

George Clooney filming for the series Catch 22.

It was at dinner when we learned George Clooney was in Viterbo to film a series called Catch 22.  I have to admit, it was pretty exciting to see the city transformed to Viterbo 1943. In case you are curious, Viterbo 1943 didn’t look much different than Viterbo 2018.

Friday USAC hosted an end-of-the session gathering with a bit of gelato.   It was simultaneously heartwarming and sad to say good-bye to the students, USAC directors, and class instructors.  All terrific people.   I was fortunate to have been able to spend time with them all.

Wow – five weeks sure go by fast!

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