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Wine Tour for Class? Yes please.

While here I’m taking a Sociology of Food course, which is taught by Professor Amy Blackstone from the University of Maine.  Part of this course included a winery tour.  The lengths I won’t go through for the sake of learning and science.

View of the Falesco Winery.

Family owned and operated winery is named Falesco and it is located in the Umbria region.  The day started with a tour – side note – our tour guide was a former USAC student!  Our guide showed us the various aspects of wine making, and why they do the things they do. After we learned about the winery, including the history (it’s long), operations (complex) and where they sell their wine (lots of places).  We had time for questions, of which I had many. Apparently one of their bigger challenges is climate change. The region is warming faster and as a result the grapes are ripening earlier than before. Near as I can tell, as much as a month earlier. Now they need to harvest in August, when it was late September.  As with any industry there are politics and policy issues. Our guide explained how it works in Italy, which helped me understand the wine labels.  What a complex industry.

Class heading into the wine vault.

As all of us who work in education know, you must present information in various ways for students to learn and retain information. And when you’re at a winery, there is no better way than learning by taste.  Not all us on the tour participated in this form of learning, but I did.  We didn’t try all the wines Falesco has to offer, but tried about five options. One was the Le Poggere Est! Est!! Est!!!,  which was the best wines I had to date. Outstanding. If fact all the wine was so good, I had to bring some home. For the one person who reads this blog, I mean home to Viterbo, not home to Boise. So please don’t expect a taste.

Class Professor and Viterbo USAC Director standing next to the signature vine.

My overall impression of the winery? Outstanding. If you are ever in the area, I strongly suggest a stop.  The grounds are spectacular, the wine ever more so, and the people even more so.  And yes, I learned a lot!

Until next time Falesco!


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