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Yes! Another festival! And another Festival?!

If anyone read one of my previous blogs they might remember a discussion about the Slow Food Festival which took place upon my arrival in Viterbo.  It seems festivals are a way of life in Viterbo. It wasn’t more than a few days after the Slow Food Festival that Ludika 1243 started. Ludika 1243 is a commemoration and celebration of a famous battle the year…..yes….1243. We – the visitors – were not sure

One example of the Ludika 1243 festival. My photography needs some work.

what to expect, but were treated to medieval reenactments, dancing, shops, costumes and food. Of course the food!! Held in the medieval district, within the medieval walls of the medieval city, the festival went on for five days. I tried to observe and enjoy it as much as possible, but couldn’t possibly get it all in.   I think the highlight for this FIDA was the mock battle.  And the food.

Just a little snack.


One festival isn’t enough for Viterbo. Overlapping with Ludika 1243 is the Tuscia Film Festival. I haven’t made it to a film yet, but did take a peek at the venue. Of course it is also in the medieval district, and with outdoor seating. I am excited to catch a film – and maybe learn a little more Italian – this weekend.  Naturally with a little wine.



I have to get ready for my class – my Cuisine Introductory Aperitivo Class.

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