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After a few days of personal travel, I made it to Viterbo where I met the USAC directors, visiting students and faculty.  One thing to note is how refreshing it is to observe students who are traveling abroad for the first time. It is through their lens that I notice things about traveling I long since forgot;  little things, like ordering food, and big things, like eating food.  Once we all arrived the USAC hosts showed us around the town, and took us to a pizzeria for dinner. And, as luck would have it, the Slow Food Festival happened to be in full swing. In order to take in as much culture (aka food and wine) as possible, a few of us went to the festival after dinner. I’m still full thinking about it.

A small sample from the Slow Food Festival. Whose beers are those?!

The next day was the start of the orientation. The hosts took me to my apartment, which is located in the town walls. Is it nice, has everything I need, and only a five-minute walk to the university – so basically perfect. This is where I fully realized how organized, efficient, and just plain awesome Viterbo USAC hosts really are. Holy cow, they have everything covered. Including where to find peanut-butter; apparently this is the most sought-after item by U.S. students. Let this be a lesson to those thinking of traveling abroad – if you like peanut butter, bring it with you.

One port into the city wall and the main (old) city of Viterbo.

Viterbo is a UNESCO site, and a well deserving one.

With my housing set, class schedule set, and grocery shopping set, I’m ready to start. What’s up first? Basic Italian.  How hard can it be?

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