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Broncos Abroad

Burgundian Countryside

Last weekend, we rented a car and explored Burgundy.  This area, so famous for its vineyards, is full of charming medieval towns and villages.  We rented an airbnb on the third floor of a 16th century house on the island at the center of Chalon-sur-Saone.

We visited Vezelay Abbey, considered a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, and were lucky enough to arrive in time for evening mass complete with singing by the nuns of the religious order there. It was lovely to experience the building as it was meant to be used.

We explored the town of Beaune, and did everything the Rick Steves guidebook said to do there, including visiting the Plague Hospital and shopping at the outdoor market and then eating a picnic on the ramparts of the old town.

Thanks to Rick Steves and signs on the highway, we discovered the Chateau de Rochepot, a “mini-castle” perched above a village.  It looks just like the castle in Shreck.


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